Thursday, July 10, 2003

In explanation of the purpose of this site -- I started reading business books by various authors while I was in college because, quite frankly, many of the classes were not very engaging, the course books were boring, and I felt like I was only getting one person's opinion (i.e., the professor's) about a particular subject. I will say that as I progressed through my courses, professors got more interesting, course books stayed about as boring, and I kept reading.

I decided that the easiest thing to collect from all these books I was reading was quotes. Why? Quotes are cheap to collect and, in many cases, I was able to pull away the entire message of a book in one single quote. There were many books I read that were boring and tedious, but I always managed to find at a least 1 significant qoute that at least meant something to me.

One of my most favorite writers in the subjects of general business, management, and leadership is Tom Peters -- expect to see a lot of quotes from him. I think Tom and I are on the same page about a lot of things -- I think we butt heads on a lot of issues (see the quote in my first entry below). I encourage you to visit the Tom Peters website and figure out why Tom uses this symbol: !

Running a close second, if not neck-in-neck, but in a totally different cateogry, marketing, is Seth Godin. It was inspiration from Seth that made me start this Blog. You will be hearing a lot from Seth on this Blog, and I will profile some of the cool companies that Seth originally profiled in some of his writing. Check out one of Seth's websites, Purple Cow . Think you know what a Purple Cow is? Bet you don't.

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