Monday, March 21, 2011

The future of education will be broadcast . . .

. . . free on YouTube.  Listen to Salman Khan talk about the Khan Academy and then visit the site.

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Standing ovations

Because it's not just about the words, but it's how you speak and perform them.  Check out one of the experts that was able to garner 2 standing ovations during her recent TED presentation.

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Are you waiting to be a hero?

Maybe you should watch this.

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After having just recently signed up for the Netflix streaming service, I began to wonder why it was that no one was producing content directly for Netflix.  Turns out that I was just ahead of the Netflix announcement that they will be offering House of Cards with Kevin Spacey exclusively to their streaming subscribers in the US and Canada.  This reminds me a lot of the Domino Project where Seth Godin partnered with Amazon to publish his latest book, Poke the Box.

It may not be the easiest thing to completely ditch your television service (yet), but when you're like Netflix and you're owning attention in front of the tv, it's easy to keep that attention by providing exclusive content that Comcast, DirecTV, and Dish won't have access to (it probably also helps you get new subscribers).