Friday, August 10, 2007

Buying additional Google Account/Gmail Storage

google accounts

Google announced buy-up plans for additional storage for Google Accounts -- this probably most specifically applies to people that have maxed out their Gmail account, but shows that Google's potential overall future strategy is simply to provide a certain amount of free storage shared between all services; this may be especially relevant if Google ever unveils a hosted storage solution.

Here are the pricing plan options:

  • 6gb for $20 per year

  • 25gb for $75 per year

  • 100gb for $250 per year

  • 250gb for $500 per year

Some bloggers are comparing this to Yahoo's promise of unlimited e-mail storage and are less than pleased, but if you consider this as more than just an e-mail offering, it does make sense.  Further, bear in mind that Google currently provides almost 3gb of storage space for free, which is 2gb or more bigger than what many file storage sites provide for their free accounts.


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