Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't park like an asshole

If you park like an asshole, I think you should be sited for it.  Luckily, exists with not only some notices that can be printed out and put on cars, but also with a gallery of people that park like assholes.  There's a guy in my building with a relatively nice car that blocks 2 spaces every morning and there's not a lot of parking in our lot -- there are people in my building with $100K cars that manage to fit in one space.  This weekend some jerk parked so close to my driver door that I had to climb in the passenger side and there were 3 empty spaces on each side.

bad parking

Feel free to print out some of the notices and keep them in your car -- I like Notice 1.

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Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for this. Honest drivers of the world unite!