Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do you still have a landline phone?

phonesI haven't had a traditional landline phone since I left college; in college is was provided for free where I was living, but I think the only people that called me on it were my parents. For a few years I had a phone from Vonage that was $15 per month for 500 minutes of long distance and everything else, but after reviewing the usage, the $15 was a better incremental spend for more minutes on the cell phone.
What's the value proposition in having a landline anymore? If you still have one and swear by it, let me know why.
Picture from Darwin Bell.


clarencegirl said...

Landlines? Let me rhapsodize!
It is the only type of phone which reliably works inside my home (which is in line of sight of a relay station and bang in the middle of a town of 6,000 odd souls with easily double that during peak tourist months) and its the only type of phone that gives me an excuse for not answering because I'm elsewhere.
P.S. Noticed an old posting of yours re Websense problems. Thought you might like to know that Websense is currently making Ausralian senators' Internet searches from parliamentary offices somewhat fruitless exercises.

deep nose said...

A Vonage landline in my case gives me the ability to keep my old numbers from the last state I lived in, so my friends, clients can find me, it is more reliable than my cell since I live in a mountainous area, making my cell service spotty at times (usually when I'm expecting calls from clients) and like the other commenter said "I can not answer it because I'm 'somewhere else' " and that is nice.

Guests at our house can also get phone service using out landline phones. And I can talk to someone for 2 hours if I want without worrying about my minutes accruing insanely.

These are a few reasons to keep a landline.