Friday, November 21, 2008

Cold season and Zicam

I think that the original Zicam is a little bit of hocus pocus and some real homeopathic remedy -- quite frankly, the original Zicam zinc nasal spray makes my nose bleed and makes it sore . . . and I really didn't see that much of a decrease in cold symptoms because I was too busy blowing blood out of my nose.

Zicam now (and when I say "now," I mean they came out some time last year) has these quick-dissolve tablets that seem to be the same amount of hocus pocus, but they don't make my mouth bleed like my nose did. Here's the deal: these tablets come in a couple of flavors and give you a pretty concentrated dose of zinc, vitamin C, and echinacea. I tend to believe that zinc and vitamin C can't do anything bad for you when you have a cold, so I can get on board with the dissolving tabs except for the fact that they don't tell you how to use them.

Here's how you use the Zicam dissolving tabs:
  • Pop the tab into your mouth
  • DO NOT swallow the stuff that immediately dissolves, just hold it in your mouth
  • Hold all the dissolved stuff in your mouth until the entire tab dissolves and then swallow it
  • Don't drink and orange juice (citric acid) for at least a half hour
  • Do your best to take these things with a little bit of something in your stomach
If you do not hold all the tablet in your mouth at the same time, the good tasting coating that is designed to mask that totally nasty taste of the zinc goes away and the thing tastes horrible and makes you want to throw up. Hey, there's no reason to get sick to your stomach when you're just trying to prevent/cut short your cold.

Oh, and if you're going to buy into this as a treatment, buy it a Costco -- it's unbelievable what it costs at normal stores.

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Anonymous said...

I am a nurse and pick up lots of unwanted germs and I am very frustrated that the nasal gel was taken off the market. I used it frequently and the only time my nose bled was when I didn't follow directions and I sprayed it too far into my nose (because it had been awhile since I needed it and I threw away the box.) I bought a new box -- followed the directions--and no more bleeding or pain.