Friday, March 13, 2009

What if you actually let your customers decide what to pay you?

Matt Homann from LexThink has what he terms a "You Decide Invoice" that he uses for all of this consulting work. Here's the relevant language:
YOU DECIDE: Your absolute satisfaction with LexThink isn’t just our goal, it’s the measure of our worth -- and the determination of our fee. The rules are simple: you pay us what you feel we were worth to you. You decide, no questions asked. The only rule? We want to know why you paid what you did, and how we could have done better.
For those of you that rightly worry about payment, here's how he deals with that:
WHEN TO PAY: While we leave our fee in your hands, we can’t leave it there forever. Please send us your payment and feedback within 21 days after you get this invoice. Please send a copy of this along with your feedback and your payment. Thank you for your business.
Check out Matt's post for an image of his invoice template along with other useful information about his process, including the solicitation of feedback from his clients.


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