Sunday, November 08, 2009

Wave invites follow-up

Ok, I got some hate mail from people that posted comments on my blog about the Google Wave invites, so here's my general response:
  1. I asked you to send me an e-mail in the original post. Not only does it make it easier for me to invite you, but it protects you from having to post your e-mail address in the comments, subjecting you to what would likely be an overwhelming amount of spam.
  2. For those of you that did elect to post a comment and left your e-mail address, I've rejected all comments so that your e-mail address will not appear where anyone or any spambot can find it.
  3. This really was designed as a thank-you to people that read my blog; if you had actually read the text of my post, you would have been able to follow the instructions and likely would have received an invitation from me.
Thanks again to my loyal readers.


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