Thursday, September 16, 2010

20 minutes a day

I'm guessing you have it.

If you don't have it I'm guessing you can find it.

The TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) conference is held annually and costs $6,000.00 per year -- even if you can afford that, you still have to apply for membership, so coming up with the money is not a guarantee of entry.  One of the defining characteristics of TED is the amazing speakers that they have; each speaker is limited in presentation time to about 18 minutes.

Although I could fill an entire blog post about TED and what they do and the spin-off conferences and everything else, here's what's important: all of these great presentations by amazing people are videotaped and made available free of charge on the TED site.

How better could you spend 20 minutes of your day in expanding your range, becoming a little smarter, and or learning something you had no idea about before?

I've been tweeting (you can follow me by clicking here) videos that I enjoy for the last several days and the response has been overwhelming; bear in mind that these are just videos/presentations I've enjoyed enough to share.

For those looking to get caught up, here are some of my  recent top picks:
Trust me -- find 20 minutes a day.

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