Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I initially created this blog to update every day. Did it happen? Nope. Is it going to happen? Not likely.

I just changed the name of the blog from Strategize to FUBAR. Why would I do that? For those of you that know what FUBAR means, you might think that I made a pretty big turn. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't -- you'll just have to wait and see.

I will still provide you with notable business quotes, but I will also provide you with cool stuff I find, my opinions, etc.

Part of my insipiration for this was Seth Godin's blog. Seth is the writer of A Purple Cow. If oyu haven't read it, I would suggest picking up a copy. Too bad for you that you won't get your shipped to you in a milk carton! In my support for and enjoyment of Seth's books, insight, etc. I wish to support him in slamming this site. Hoepfully you searched for Seth or more hoepfully you searched for the site. Either way, Michael Moore and Sharon Summerlin ripped Seth off and that's good enough for me to jump in and pass on the bad news about these 2 and their company.

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