Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Music Industry . . . again

I've said before that this year is the year of the end of the music industry as we know it. Between the RIAA hitting the prime purchasing audience of CD's with Tens of Thousands of dollars worth of lawsuits, to information about the record labels buying information regarding downloading volumes of artists, the record companies just aren't looking that good.

Recently, record companies have been producing CD's with different digital rights management (DRM) solutions to control and/or prevent extrication of audio tracks from CD's. BMG recently roled out a DRM product that can be defeated by holding the "Shift" key on your computer as the CD loads. Give me a break. You can read the whole story here. If you want to skip the whole story and get the main point of the article, here's the comment from BMG regarding this published "hack:"

"This is something we were aware of," BMG spokesman Nathaniel Brown said. "Copy management is intended as a speed bump, intended to thwart the casual listener from mass burning and uploading. We made a conscious decision to err on the side of playability and flexibility."

Record Companies! Hello, are you out there? Build your own Apple Music Stores or go buy one from MusicMatch, BuyMusic, Apple, etc. Bear in mind that you do control the music libraries . . . wouldn't be easier to get ALL THE PROFIT from a download? No? It's not worth the investment? Really, well, ok, now how much does a CD factory cost . . .?

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