Sunday, October 08, 2006

Link dump

Here’s a link dump to clear out all my saved Bloglines posts:

  • Get Rich Slowly writes about Sharebuilder, which seems to have an interesting model for simple investing; it’s also worth reading the rest of the post about “investment fun money.”  Link
  • Google mashup stuff as reported by TechCrunch — a great way to get caught up on Google offerings.  Link
  • 43 Folders reports on some good money management blogs.  Link
  • TUAW reports that Starbucks Hear Music is now part of the iTunes Music Store.  Link
  • Steve Rubel at MicroPersuasion talks about how Bloglines has lost its way — more on this from me in a future post.  Link
  • Paul Allen reports on how Mark Cuban turned into his billion dollar empire.  Link
  • Digg — why Apple will change TV.  Link
  • Digg — How to run a meeting like Google.  Link
  • Lifehacker reports on WriteToMyBlog — I’ll be testing this shortly as a Blogjet alternative.  Link
  • Seth Godin:
    • Things that can be learned from Columbus and how it all ties back to marketing.  Link
    • What’s important about things that seem important at the time.  Link
    • Is your problem the problem or the inability to admit there’s a problem?  Link
    • How do you measure success?  My guess is that it’s not about promises kept . . . at least not yet.  Link
    • Deal with an angry customer.  Link
    • Phrases you can use to ensure the destruction of good ideas — ensure that you are not the one killing good ideas by reading this list.  Link
    • Can you really end the job the job interview?  What if there was a better way that took very little of your time and resulted in better hires?  Link
    • Write down your dreams.  Link
    • Learn to understand belief.  Link
    • The Long Tail Squidoo Lens location.  Link
    • Fear of small enemies with insight from some others.  Link
    • How best available stacks up against good enough.  Link
    • This should be posted in every organization with salespeople.  Link
  • Guy Kawasaki provides some interesting data that every advertiser/marketer should read.  Link

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