Sunday, October 08, 2006

Switching to Google Reader

I’m going to give Google Reader another try after it’s recent upgrade.  Here’s what I like:

  • Unbroken listing of new feeds (sometime referred to as “river of news”)
  • Ability to interact with feeds in their folders if necessary
  • Toggle between expanded view and list view of new feeds in the same window without posts being marked as read.
  • Posts only marked as read after I scroll past them instead of being marked as read when I click on a folder.
  • Import of the Bloglines OPML file actually preserved my folder structure, which has been a complaint in the past — not sure if this is a Google Reader feature or a Bloglines feature or just a standard feature for everyone.
  • Integration into my Google Account — single sign-on for lots of the stuff that I use is pretty nice.

Recent problems with Bloglines:

  • Saved posts no longer accessible — I can see what blogs that they came from, but can’t access the posts no matter what I do.
  • Random downtime with the plumber graphic.
  • Some of the stuff that I mentioned above that Google Reader does and Bloglines does not.

Link (if you already have Gmail, login, and then click the “all my services” link in the upper left corner)

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