Monday, November 20, 2006

$6,000 Carl's Jr. combo meal

You may not have seen the ad, but Carl’s Jr. is running a television spot with the Maloof Brothers that features a $6,000 combo meal with their $6 Burger, fries, and a bottle of 24–year-old Bordeaux.  The ad is great in that the first time that you see it, you think that it might be a joke or a spoof until they get to the punchline: the $6,000 combo is only available at The Palms.

As usual, the Maloof brothers have created an amazing brand extension for Carl’s Jr. and have integrated one of their main properties, The Palms, into the equation.  Will a massive number of people go The Palms to purchase this combo meal?  Probably not.  Is the advertisement, the concept, etc. new, cool, unique, and extraordinary?  Absolutely!

View the commercial on the Carl’s Jr. site through the link below or via the embedded YouTube.


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