Thursday, July 12, 2007

iPhone initial thoughts

Form factor is a big deal to me, so when I held my Pearl up to the iPhone and found the iPhone to be barely bigger, I went ahead and pulled the trigger.

Ok, let me back up before I strictly attribute form factor to being my only decision factor: I own Apple stock, I love Apple products, I use Apple computers, and I think the iPhone is just a cool device.  Further, I did a lot of research and reading about the iPhone and especially took into consideration Shawn Conahan's post about it because he's a generally pretty exacting guy and he's very entrenched in the mobile space.

The AT&T store just down the street had a few of each type of iPhone in-stock and they've now got a pretty cool are of the store with 3 activated iPhones that I was able to play with.   While I was in the store, 3 other people came in and purchased iPhones, which makes me all kinds of happy about my stock price.

A few things about the activation process:

  • Activation was very easy on my MacBook Pro -- took about 5 minutes

  • AT&T does not let me use my corporate service discount on the iPhone -- kind of a bummer, but I'm saving money monthly vs. my Blackberry, so not too big of a deal

  • It takes about 5 minutes from the time iTunes says the device is active for the device to actually show the activation message (might have been faster if I had remembered to turn off my Blackberry sooner)

One issue that's been floating around, but that I didn't consider is the fact that the iCal sync does not work with calendars based on subscriptions -- this is problematic for me as I use Plaxo to keep all of my calendars in sync, and the iCal calendar is subscription-based.  Hopefully they'll fix this soon.

EDGE data speed leaves a little bit to be desired, but I'm used to using my laptop and Nokia 770 to connect to the internet via my Cingular phone, so I'm not too surprised -- hey, anyone want to buy a Nokia 770?  I'll sell mine to you cheap.

Custom wallpapers are pretty easy: screen size is 480 high x 320 wide, so you can take just about anything into Photoshop and crop and size it.  Then just save it as a JPG, add it to an album in iPhoto, and sync the album to the iPhone.  Once the sync is complete, go into "Settings" on the iPhone, and select what you want to use.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the device, but stay tuned for further updates. 

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