Thursday, July 12, 2007

Solution for the iPhone sync issue with iCal

Ok, this totally resolves my iPhone sync issue with iCal and I can certify that it is the solution for Plaxo Preview users:

Reset your truth database by launching iSync (yes, iSync) and
opening the Preferences… dialog. Press the Reset Sync History… button
and synchronize again.

This will leave your clients registered and your data intact, but
force a first-time slow synchronization of all of your sync clients,
and should result in the transfer of your iCal data to the iPhone. You
should back up your iCal data using the built-in option to do so
labeled Back up Database… under the File menu of iCal before performing
the reset.

There's no way I would have come up with this myself, so all of the credit goes to Geeks R Us -- you can find a link to their solution page below.



DJ Rick Adams said...

This is genius and it works - I spent 2 hours trying to sync my ical with the phone and when I went to isync - then selected an old phone (which I no longer have but was still in the main isync window), THEN clicked on preferences - then RESET the history it work.

Theoretically - If you don't have a device listed it's impossible to reset. So add a device and then follow the above.


Geoff said...

Thank you thank you thank you. I spent hours trying to figure this out before finding your solution.

iSync still listed my old iPod. After resetting the history, it worked like a charm.

No idea why it started hanging in the first place. Worked flawlessly for the first week or so, then all the sudden started sticking.

Anonymous said...

dude...that was great! thanks for the tip!

Annamarie said...

Another hearty thanks. Couldn't understand why my iCal and iPhone wouldn't sync up.

Mike said...

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