Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sonicare UV Sanitizer



So Bzzagent sent me the Sonicare UV Sanitizer to talk about and it's kind of an interesting little device.  Let me say that I've used a Sonicare toothbrush for years and have never been anything but happy with the the way the results feel and the feedback from my dentist (not just the feedback, but the lessening of scraping, etc. over the time I've used it).

The UV sanitizer uses and ultraviolet light to kill any bacteria that might be on your brush head.  Although it fits some other manufacturers' brush heads, the Sonicare head that I use fit inside it perfectly without the use of any adapters and there's a magnet on the bottom to hold the brush in place.

After having used the sanitizer for the last few days, I can't tell anything different than just let my brush air-dry.  Sure, I go through the routine of putting the brush int he container, hitting the button, and seeing the light come on, but there's nothing that's changed in my brushing experience that I am aware of.  However, my dentist charges $25 for a little laser treatment that supposedly kills bacteria in my mouth prior to a cleaning and I pay it every time, so investing $50 in a brush head sanitizer that does the same thing to a brush I put in my mouth every day doesn't seem too far out of line.

I probably wouldn't rush out and but the sanitizer, but if it came included with an upgraded Sonicare brush, I would use it.  Similarly, if there was a deal where I could purchase a number of brush heads and get the sanitizer as part of a package deal, I'd probably buy it and use it.  With the amount of travel that I do, I guess it is nice to have my brush stored inside an enclosed space rather than leaving it out in the air to attract dust, etc.

End result: I'll keep using it and would use it if it were another bell and whistle as part of some sort of kitted sales piece, but I'm not sure I would run out an buy it.

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