Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting items back on to your Kindle

AKA: "Getting purchased items onto another Kindle."

Part of the attraction of the Kindle, outside of other things I've posted about it, is the ability to share purchased books with up to 6 other devices. This isn't entirely perfect yet as the devices all have to be linked to the same purchase account (i.e., someone with a Kindle on my account can place orders using my credit card), but it's still pretty cool if that's not a concern for you.

Perhaps I missed it or just didn't look in the right place for it, but I couldn't figure out how to get access purchased content that was deleted and/or purchased content I wanted to put on another device from the Kindle -- that's because you can't. What you have to do is access yourmedialibrary on Amazon; this is where all of your digital purchases (e-books, music, movies, etc.) is stored. As it relates to the Kindle, from the yourmedialibrary dashboard, you can choose to resend a book to your Kindle via WhisperNet, send a purchased book to another Kindle on your account via WhisperNet, or download the e-book to load it via the USB cable (this must be the solution for purchasing books while traveling outside of the WhisperNet coverage area).


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