Thursday, April 09, 2009

Book Review: Boreout! Overcoming Workplace Demotivation

FULL DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book for review.

I'll be honest: I've been slow in reviewing this book because it seemed, well, boring. All of us have had jobs throughout our career where we've been bored; I remember working in retail one summer in college and it was mind-numbing. However, most of us that have been successful figured out how to turn boring jobs into opportunities. The short story is that I didn't really think that there was much to learn from this book.

Here's what I failed to consider and what makes this book important: I've been in a position where I have had so much on my plate for so long that I can no longer relate to what the authors term as "boreout". More importantly, it's important, as a leader, to look for the signs of employee boreout and how to combat it.

One of the things the authors point out is that many employees that are bored will actually ask for more work, but there is a limit on the employees being proactive about this; sooner or later they give up. Although the authors cover potential economic impacts and out-of-work impacts, the reality is that most people don't go into a job looking to be bored -- employees are looking for meaning in their work (and they need something to work on to find that meaning).

The book is structured to be a quick read with important message call-outs throughout the chapters in gray shading. If you are looking for the skimmer's version, you could flip through the pages, read the items in gray, and get a good sense of the main ideas.

Worthwhile read if your an employee facing boreout symptoms or if you are in a leadership position in a company.

No Kindle version available.


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