Thursday, April 09, 2009

Book Review: Ping

FULL DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copies of these books for review.

Did I just say "copies"? Yes, I did; well, sort of. I actually received a paperback that bound together 2 books:
  1. Ping: A Frog in Search of a New Pond
  2. The Way of Ping: Journey to the Great Ocean
Both of these books are parables about a frog named, unsurprisingly, Ping. In the first book, Ping decides to leave his home pond for a better life and encounter roadblocks that he must deal with along the way to reaching his goal. In order to deal with the roadblocks, Ping finds that his optimistic outlook and existing skill set are not enough and that he not only needs new skills, but needs to adjust his though process. Ping is back in the second book on another journey, but delves deeper into the change process by sharing his experiences and knowledge about his process with others.

Although I have read some better change management books, I do like the way the ideas are presented in the parable format; it has been my experience that you can get more engagement across an organization through parable-based business books that seem less intimidating. I will say that there are a large number of platitudes that are a little less than useful, but the books are a good and easily understood start on principles of risk-taking and change.

Unfortunately the copy that I reviewed with both books bound together does not seem to be available (it is stamped with "Two-in-one Advance Reading Copy", so that makes sense) on Amazon.

Neither book is available on the Kindle.

Link -- Ping

Link -- The Way of Ping

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