Thursday, January 29, 2004


I love looking through the full store listing at You can do it yourself by going to the site and click the small link that says See All Stores (or be lazy and click the link I just provided to you).

I encourage you to check out all the stores that you didn't know that Amazon had.

While there, take alook in the right corner at "Services." You will notice that Amazon is now scanning and listing restaurant menus for restaurants in various cities (wasn't the first to notice it, I read about it first here in Seth Godin's blog). It's not clear to Seth why they're doing this. I would hazard to guess that it is a furthering of their "Search Inside This Book" technology. They're scanning in whole books and allowing you to search via keyword, why not return a menu in a city near you if you're searching under "Cheeseburger?" After all, if you've ever used Amazon and Amazon recognizes you when you come to the site, Amazon knows where your bills go to and where you ship to.

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