Friday, January 30, 2004

TiVo gets better

There's been a lot of nes lately regarding TiVo's acquisition of a company called Om Malik has to say about TiVo using Strangeberry to turn the TiVo box into your digital entertainment hub.

After all, is it so weird that TiVo wants to be your home entertainment hub and integrator? Not really. This is very, very big business. The next generation XBox and PlayStation game consoles will have similar features built into them. The next big battle fought in the home theatre market will be the battle for the digital entertainment hub. Don't think so? I would point you to
Windows XP Media Center Edition, the Gateway Media Center that looks surprisingly like a high-end stereo component (but is, in fact, a fully featured Windows XP computer), features of the Sony PSX next generation Playstation that was released in Japan in time for last Christmas (by the way, by the time the pre-orders were filled for the PSX in Japan, there were hardly any left for consumers that had neglected to pre-order), the unauthorized XBox Media Center hack that allows you to turn your generation 1 XBox into a media center (by the way, this is open source).

I could go on and on with links to high-end stereo component manufacturers, companies that you've never heard of . . . but I think I made my point -- THIS IS A BIG DEAL!

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