Monday, May 07, 2007

firedog Across America -- help out firefighters

firedog across americaThis is not a sponsored post, but rather an informational post with a call to action about what I believe to be a pretty cool program.  Those that have seen Circuit City ads have seen the firedog services that are offered such as network configuration, tv installation, etc.  Owing to the fact that "fire" is in the name, firedog is running a program that encouraged firehouses across the country to write stories that described ways that they went above and beyond the course of duty.  Ten finalists have been chosen and each firehouse will receive $20,000.00 in free equipment along with the essay writer receiving a $10,000.00 technology makeover for his or her house.

Following the selection of the 10 winners, firedog made videographies of each firehouse and now wants America to vote on the winning firehouse, which will receive an additional $100,000.00 in funding.  Here's the absolute best part: for every vote that is made, firedog will donate $1 to the chosen firehouse.

My wife was a firefighter/paramedic in both Arizona and Colorado, so I can definitely get behind a program like this.

Click the link below to vote and please share this.


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