Friday, May 04, 2007

On syncing your Blackberry and your Mac

I guess I didn't address this before, but have received some e-mail about it, so here are my thoughts on synchronizing your Blackberry and your Mac:

There are currently 2 sync solutions available to synchronize your Blackberry and Mac: PocketMac and  The Missing Sync.  Although I have use The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile, I have not yet tried the Blackberry version for this simple reason: PocketMac is free.  That's right, RIM licensed PocketMac as their official Blackberry OSX software, so you can get it free of charge.  I've been using PocketMac since I got my Pearl and it work great -- the interface looks just like iSync and synchronizing couldn't be easier.  The Pearl actually detects when it is connected via USB and allows me to choose if I want to enable mass storage mode for the memory card, which allows me to easily add/remove ringtones, wallpaper, pictures, etc.

The Missing Sync seems to perform many of the same functions as PocketMac and I would highly recommend it if you are a basic or non-advanced user as the interface is very polished and interaction with everything on the device happens via its application.  Bear in mind, however, that you pay $40 for that convenience.

My vote's for PocketMac, so that's the link you'll find again below (note that the download link will take you to RIM's site where you'll have to give them some personal info in order to download the software).



Unknown said...

Hi. Are you syncing to Entourage? Mail? I am new to this and have been syncing to Entourage for calendar and contacts. I really like Mail's functionality for email. But it seems to not make sense to use both Mail and Entourage since my contacts will all live in Entourage. But Entourage doesn't have that cool thread display that Mail does. I have not yet synced emails. Would it be problematic to sync both Entourage and Mail?

Ross said...

I'm not syncing to Entourage -- my calendar data comes out of iCal and my contact data comes out of AddressBook. It is my understanding that PocketMac does support sync with Entourage, but I don't have full details on that.

As it relates to doing a sync with both Mail and Entourage: you're not really doing a sync with either application for your email, rather the Blackberry will sync directly with your mail server either through the BIS connection or with a BES server at your company. Your main concern should be what application(s) you are using for your contacts and calendar.

Good luck!


Unknown said...