Saturday, October 13, 2007

Big Lou's Pizza in San Antonio

big lou'sWent to Big Lou's Pizza in San Antonio and have to say that it's pretty good.  As you can see in the picture to the left, they are holding the 37 inch; pizza, which, when I saw it last night, had to be carried by the waiter with both hands and be balanced on top of the guy's head; apparently it takes 2 people to actually make the thing.  Furthermore, there isn't a pizza box big enough to fit the 37 inch; pie, so it has to be eaten in-house as opposed to the popular 16 inch; and 20 inch; pies, which are available for take-out.

The dining area is very mom and pop with lots of old signs on the wall and the bar serves the traditional Texas-size 32oz draft beers if you're in the mood for that -- the bar area is actually rather small; most of the restaurant is a family-friendly seating area.

I had a 14" pizza with a couple of folks and it provided plenty of food for all of us at the reasonable price of around $13.00.  The main crust is good, has a little butter on it, and I believe that I detected a hint of garlic salt as well; the end crust is substantial and chewy with good flavor.

Big Lou's is certainly not on the main drag and you may even get a little hesitant about the area if you cruise up Ww White Road to get there, but take my word for it: it's worth the trip. 

Link -- Big Lou's Pizza via Google Maps 

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