Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fake Steve Jobs post on Intercasting


This is too funny -- here's an excerpt:

Here I am on the balcony saying, “Let them eat cake for the low price
of $299,” and what happens? A fucking blogospheric revolt of customers
who were perfectly happy with their elitist touchscreen device they
were smugly using just a week before to demonstrate their consumer
electronic buying power and hipness. And all of a sudden I'm the
asshole? What gives? So then I offered a store credit so these bitches
could buy a bluetooth headset or some other sort of white plastic
accessory or whatever. That sort of shut them up, but I still had the
other lawsuit to deal with. This time, I was named personally along
with my company and AT&T for “price discrimination, underselling,
discrimination in rebates, deceptive actions, and other wrongdoings”
all because I lowered the price because I was trying to be a nice guy.
“Other wrongdoings”? Can you really sue someone for that? WTF? “Yeah,
so, I am suing Bob for just generally being an asshole. Gretchen in the
cube next to him totally agrees, so I think we have a strong case.”
Seriously. They might as well add "mischief and buggery" to their list
of asinine claims. Welcome to my world.

Go read the whole thing.


Picture from acaben.

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