Friday, October 19, 2007

Take your travel organization problem and make it someone else's


Tripit is a service that aggregates all of your travel data and creates itineraries for you.  The service is quite simple: you forward any travel-related confirmation e-mails to Tripit and it extracts the data to create your detailed itinerary.  You can add mulitple source e-mail addresses to your account to allow you to forward from anywhere -- for example, all of my United confirmations go to my personal e-mail while most of my hotel confirmations go to my business e-mail.

There are some other cool features that Tripit utilizes that I find pretty cool:

  • Calendar Feeds.  Tripit publishes a feed that can be subscribed to in Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook 2007, etc.  You get to manage whether this feed can only be read by you or if you want to be able to share the feed with other authorized users; think about this in terms of assistants, etc.  Speaking of which, how much time does your assistant spend putting together detailed itineraries for you?

  • Web Information.  Links to Google Maps, SeatGuru, and all kinds of other conextually-relevant sites based on the itinerary information -- a lot of this is stuff that I look up independently anyway, so this is very useful to me.

  • Access.  The ability to access the itinerary information from anywhere with an internet connection is very useful.


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