Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Leopard blue-screened my PowerBook G4

Shit! I ran the installer and the machine hung on a blue screen for hours. Although some sites said to wait for 2-3 hours for it to resolve itself, I tried that and it totally didn't work.

I finally had to dig out the original install discs for the PowerBook and reinstall Panther. Doing some more searching, I found a command line hack that is supposed to resolve this issue, so I guess I'll try it tonight and see if that makes it work or not. I've held off on upgrading my G4 Mini as I'm a little gun-shy about upgrading the non-Core chipsets.

Stay tuned -- I'll update with full instructions if this works tonight.

leopard<-- I can see them on my MacBook Pro, but not yet on my Powerbook.

UPDATE: Ok, so I fixed this and here's how:

  • Inserted the Leopard DVD

  • Chose the customized install option and chose the option to archive the previous system

  • Ran the install

  • Went to the blue screen

  • Hit cmd+opt+esc a bunch of times, which finally brought up the force quite dialog

  • System was hung on the registration application (strange)

  • Once the force quite dialog came up, then the registration application started running, so I simply canceled the force quite dialog and everything worked fine

  • Got to the desktop, tested some stuff, and deleted the prior system

  • Ran software update and downloaded and updated everything

  • Restarted and checked stability

  • Trashed the old system

Good luck!

The Mini gets upgraded this evening.

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