Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Om Malik comments on Verizon opening it's network


Go read Om's post -- he's got some unique insights into the way that he sees things.  Opening up their network makes Verizon look a little bit more like companies that use the GSM standard, though they've taken it a step further by providing a testing bed to certify non-traditional equipment to run on their network.

I would think this move would be pretty easy to emulate; I assume that most of the carriers have testing facilities similar to Verizon's and could open them up to test all kinds of devices.

The first thing I thought about when I heard this news was the Amazon Kindle -- everything you download direct on the Kindle downloads over Sprint's EVDO network and Amazon presumably has some sort of per bit pricing on network usage.  What will be interesting is if Verizon introduces different pricing plans to allow people to really leverage their creativity to use the network.

Now I"m waiting for Shawn Conahan to blog about this: he always has interesting insights based on his relationship with the wireless market. 


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