Monday, January 21, 2008

My complicated calendar sync

In my quest to synchronize all of my calendars, I've finally come up with the perfect solution:

  1. Blackberry -- use the Gcal Sync client.  This allows my to synchronize my Google Calendars and my Blackberry calendar in real time provided I have data coverage.  I can select what calendars I want to show up and the effect on battery life is not noticeable -- this gives me BES-like synchronization.

  2. OSX & Gcal -- use Plaxo.  I use the Plaxo client for iCal to synchronize my calendar data from my Mac to Gcal and back.  Due to the fact that I'm using Gcal Sync on my Blackberry, provided I have data coverage on my computer, I get pretty real-time updates on my Mac and pretty real-time sync from my Mac to Gcal to my Blackberry.

Logo love fest diagram:

blackberry <=> google sync <=> plaxo <=> gcal + ical

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