Monday, January 21, 2008

Turn your Blogger account into an OpenID even if you don't use Blogspot

Here's how to essentially make Google your OpenID provider if you use Blogger:

blogger draft

*    Go to (this doesn't work through the regualr Dashboard) 

*    Click "Edit Profile" in the upper right

*    Check the box that says "Enable OpenID for Blogs"

*    Scroll down and click "Save Profile"

That's it.  I tested it using my to ensure that it worked for custom domains, and it works just fine.  Also, you can use any blog associated with your Blogger account as your OpenID.

Presumably Google will role this out at some point to anyone with a Google account, but if you want it now, this is how you get it. 


bamigboye olusola said...

i am bamigboye olusola by name and i saw your posts on how to turn your blogspot into an open ID.
but i want you to know that i couldn't see the enable open ID in my blogger draft board. what do you think i could do to get through this? e-mail me on
please this is urgent; ok.

Carl said...

Indeed. It worked.