Monday, January 28, 2008

So what’s the problem? As the late Doctor Deming told us again and again, screwed-up management.

deming The quote that is the title of this post is from Tom Peters.  I thought about it when I read this excerpt on Bob Sutton's blog:

My own research has found that people with power tend to behave like
patients who have damaged their brain's orbitofrontal lobes (the region
of the frontal lobes right behind the eye sockets), a condition that
seems to cause overly impulsive and insensitive behavior. Thus the
experience of power might be thought of as having someone open up your
skull and take out that part of your brain so critical to empathy and
socially-appropriate behavior.

The context of the excerpt is applied to people that are put into powerful positions and is easily applied to those that are placed into management positions with little to no training and/or preparation, no mentoring or leadership, no clear definition of what success actually is.

Is this you?

Link -- Bob Sutton

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