Thursday, September 04, 2008

How to get content on to your Kindle with OS X

I can't believe how hard this was to find, but I'll share it with you now in 8 easy steps at zero cost:
  1. Go download Stanza (this is through VersionTracker and has a direct download link).
  2. Mount the disk image and drag Stanza to your Applications folder.
  3. Open Stanza.
  4. Open any PDF or Word or supported text document with Stanza.
  5. Choose "Export Book As" and select "Amazon Kindle"
  6. Plug your Kindle into your Mac with a USB cable -- it will show up as a USB drive.
  7. Drag the exported book/document (*.aws) into the "Document" folder on the Kindle.
  8. Read it on your Kindle.
It doesn't seem to get much easier than that.

Tags: Kindle, PDF, e-book, Amazon, conversion, Strategize, Ross Hollman

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