Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Neat scanner isn't so neat right now

It's not liking scanning more than 1 page any more; it just hangs after the first page with both lights blinking and I have to restart the machine to get it going again. Not a productive environment, especially given what I was trying to accomplish with it.

I sent Neatco an e-mail this morning and, to their credit, they did get back to me this afternoon with this response:

This is a known issue with our software and we are working hard on a fix. As a workaround, we've found that setting the scanner to scan Double-sided helps to reduce the crashing. Also, if you do have a crash with this scanner, instead of rebooting, unplug the scanner and go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. In there, select Neat ADF Scanner and click on Quit Process. Wait 10 seconds and plug the scanner back into the computer. We're sorry about the inconvenience and we hope to have a fix out there soon.

Thank you,
Ok, am I using a Mac device or has someone somehow switched my operating system to Windows? Seriously, don't the instructions above sound like something you'd have to do with Task Manager in XP?

Guess I'll try this tonight; sure hope that the software automatically deletes the blank page backs from the double-sided scanning.


Neat Scanner said...

I'm waiting for the neat scanner to come out so i can finally organize my office.
I've seen similar product to this before in the past but they haven't lasted too long on the market.
This is perfect for me because i am a traveling salesman and i have a lot of receipts at which need to be documented as early as possible for reimbursement.
let me know what ya think when ya try it

Karen Godsaint said...

I have known similar things happen to those who use Macs.

Did you search for the Neat's performance to Macs before you purchased the receipt scanner?

This is really a helpful post specially to those who are undecided yet.

Ross said...


This originally documented problem hasn't been a problem for quite some time -- I believe they came out with a software update about a week after I posted that fixed all of the problems.

Since that time I haven't had any problems with the Neat scanner or software and they seem to push software updates fairly frequently.

Thanks for the comment.

Dotti said...

We just got our NEAT and are thrilled with it so far....software is more than we need for organizing and is pretty smooth.

BUT we wanted to save to an external drive which seems to had worked BUT we can not open the file to see what was actually saved (or not). We have tried various types (Word,Adobe,etc.)
How do we make sure our data is saved on the external hard drive?