Monday, July 11, 2005

I would like a pizza with a Cingular Blackberry 7100g

And you can have it!  According to this post on BBHub, Papa John’s is giving away a free Blackberry 7100g with any online pizza order.  Here’s the fine print from the post:

Of course you'll have to commit to a two-year voice and data service agreement at $74.98 a month. The Cingular Wireless contract consists of an email data plan at $34.99 a month plus a $39.99 a month voice plan.

The voice plan offers 450 anytime minutes, plus 5000 night and weekend minutes and mobile to mobile unlimited calling.

You pay $150 up front and you'll get  a $150.00 Mail-In Rebate when your Blackberry 7100g arrives.

Full details from the Papa John’s site here and note that you have to order your base pizza, a Papa John’s side item, and 2 20oz beverages (Coke product, of course) to get the offer; still cheaper than the $349 bas price of the 7100.

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Anonymous said...

sweet deal!