Monday, May 22, 2006

Online storage round-up

The Web 2.0 blog has a pretty good round-up of a lot of the online storage providers that includes free and paid services — good place to start if you’re looking for online storage.


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Anonymous said...

I have been using a service called IBackup for some time now and I rate it highly for its performance and reliability. Even though there are a slew of services offering gigabytes of free space, I still stick to IBackup as it has been constantly delivering the goods for me.

Firstly, IBackup is way ahead of others as it has plenty of features for online backups and restores of critical data. Its interfaces are user-friendly and it does both incremental and compressed backups. It transfers only portions of files or folders that were modified to considerably reduce network bandwidth usage.

With IDrive you can map your online account as a local drive in your computer and drag-and-drop, edit and save files. You can also stream your audio and video content like you do with any other media player with IDrive Multimedia.

With Webmanager, a browser-based application, you can create folders, upload, rename, delete and share files or folders with others. IBackup works with Internet Explorer 5 and above. You must have the latest service pack installed.

Finally, all data transfer with IBackup enjoys a high level of SSL encryption. IBackup also allows backup of critical system related components using ‘System state Backup’ and supports one-way sync from your computer to your IBackup account.