Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What's your ability to say "no"?

Here’s some text from a BMW double-page magazine ad that simply states “NO” on the left side and has this and more text on the right:

The ability to say no to compromise is a rare thing these days. Many companies would like to be able to say it, but so few have the autonomy to actually do it. As an independent company, BMW can say no. No, we will not compromise our ideas. No, we will not do it the way everyone else does it. No, we will not factor designs down to the lowest common denominator. No, we will not sell out to a parent company who will meddle in our affairs and ask us to subject our cars to mass market vanilla-ism.

Are you in the same position to say “no”?  If you’re not, how would you change things if you could?

UPDATE: Signal vs. Noise has an article on the same thing with the full article text and a picture of the ad.


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