Monday, May 01, 2006

Top Ten Marketer Lies

Guy Kawasaki has another top ten list with 12 items on it — 11 & 12 are a “bonus,” and both happen to be my favorite:

11. "The PR firm (ad agency, whatever) that we interviewed really loves what we're doing."Not to put too negative a spin on this, but prostitutes tell customers that they'll love them "a long, long time"--which is about as true as this lie. The severity of this lie depends on what phase of the bubble you're in. If it's a frothy time, then you might have to convince a PR firm to take you on as a client. If it's a down cycle, then getting someone to love you isn't that hard.

12. "We found a rock star to join our marketing team."There's nothing like setting a person up for failure by creating excessive expectations. I've spoken to event managers, and they tell me that rock stars make all kinds of ridiculous demands like painting the backstage walls purple for Prince or punching a hole in a wall so that another performer could walk directly to the stage. Forget the rock star: Hire good, bright people who want to prove themselves, not live off the past.

Read his full post for the top ten.


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