Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Google suite for your domain

Like it or not (and there are a lot of people that are both sides of the issue), Google has released a suite of its products that will work on your domain.  Here’s where I net out on the issue:

I like Gmail and use it a lot.  If I had a domain behind which was a small business, and I wanted a very user-friendly e-mail program that all my employees could easily access, I’d probably go with the Google suite at this point in time.  The Google Calendar portion is nice, but still a little lacking in features; chances are that it will get better.  Google Talk is a nice bell/whistle for the other components, but not something that would be a deal breaker if it weren’t included.  It’s interesting to see that Google Spreadsheets and Writely are not currently included as part of the suite, but I guess the push right now really is “Gmail for your domain” and not “Google applications for your domain.”

You can’t beat the price.


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