Tuesday, August 29, 2006

T-Mobile At Home

Rumors have been around for a few weeks, but Gizmodo snagged some pictures of a beta tester’s T-Mobile At Home equipment.  Essentially T-Mobile At Home is a combination of a T-Mobile router for setting up a home wifi network and a “dual-mode” phone that can operate on both cellular and wifi networks.

Looking at some of the shots on Gizmodo, it appears the phone automatically connects to the cellular network when you are not in range of your home network or a T-Mobile Hotspot.  What is not clear is whether or not there is a clean hand-off from wifi to cellular should you walk out of range of a registered wifi network.  Further, it is not clear whether you can register any wifi network with the phone or if you have to use a network operating through the T-Mobile router.

It will be interesting to get some feedback from the beta testers.


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