Monday, December 18, 2006

Google Apps for Your Domain solutions with Google Notifier and Google Mobile

I have some information about Google Apps for Your Domain ("Google AFYD") that I figured other might find useful:

  1. Google Notifier .  Although it appears that it might not support it, if you enter your e-mail address from Google AFYD (i.e., "") as your "username" in the Notifier application, Notifier will provide you e-mail and calendar notifications as it does for normal Gmail accounts.  The nice part about using notifier is the closer to Outlook experience of notifications for new e-mails and pop-up notifications for Calendar events.

  2. Google (Gmail) Mobile.  Google Mobile supports Google AFYD in much the same way as described above -- enter your e-mail address from Google AFYD as the "username" and Google Mobile works as it does for any other Gmail account.  I have to say that with my Cingular 2125, the Google Mobile experience is less than pleasant and I'm simply going to stick accessing Gmail via my mobile browser using the address.

I'll continue to post as I learn more about utilizing Google AFYD.


distancesprinter said...

That doesn't seem to be so... Gmail Notifier does not work with my AFYD account; perhaps because I have a standard Google Account under my AFYD e-mail address, as well?

Demian64 said...

This simply isn't true on either counts:

Ross said...

Pardon my disagreeing with you and, apparently, with Google Support, but I find that I can access my Google AFYD e-mail with the notifier on my Mac and via the Google Mobile client.

As with lots of things on my blog, your mileage may vary.

Thanks for reading,

Anonymous said...


While the notifier has been working for GAFYD, it recently stopped :(

Any thoughts.

Ross said...

I haven't noticed that it stopped for me -- when I checked my machine this morning it was working, displaying both calendar events and e-mail notifications. If you look at Matt's comment above about have a standard account under the AFYD e-mail address, that could explain things if you're in a similar situation. If you look at the link that demian64 left in his comment, I guess Notifier isn't supposed to work with GAFYD, so I don't know if it's a function of my having registered my domain with Google, if it's just an OSX thing, or if it's just not supposed to work and it happens to in my case.

I believe that if you are running a Windows platform you can set up notifications through other Google software like Desktop Search and even the Toolbar. Furthermore, there are 3rd party solutions for lots of platforms that allow you to get notified about Google Mail and Google Calendar events.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

It works for Mac but not for Windows...

Anonymous said...

The notifier works just for mac per Google. Sign in with!

Anonymous said...

use this notifier for Google apps