Monday, December 04, 2006

Is the PS3 the cheapest Blu-Ray disc player?

It seems that if you can find one of the 20gb PS3s for the retail price of $499, then you’re saving about $500 off the cost of Sony’s first stand alone Blu-Ray player and you get some bonus extras the the stand alone player just can’t give you.  Alternatively you could get the Samsung Blu-Ray player for $666.66 (strange number, huh?), which is only a little bit more than the PS3 20gb, but probably cheaper than you can get one for right now — at least it, unlike the Sony player is available for Amazon Prime.

It’s worth thinking about if you’re an early adopter . . . or you could just wait a few months until production ramps up and more movies are released at which point the market will be flush with PS3s and the stand alone players will likely be much less expensive.


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Jordan Powell said...

There are a lot of affordable blu ray disc player the price would entirely depend on what kind of specs you really want. How much is your budget?