Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Blogger transition

Ok, so I changed from the "old" version of Blogger to the "new" version of Blogger that used to be the "beta" version of Blogger, but now is not longer in beta. Transfer took quite some time, which I assume has to do with the large number of posts archived in this blog. Here are some other strange things that happened:
  • A bunch of comments that I had already moderated needed to be moderated again -- 28 comments to be exact.
  • Some random posts got syndicated via RSS, so I apologize if you got some posts in your reader from a few months or even years ago.
  • WriteToMyBlog stopped working completely regardless of whether I choose "Blogger" or "Blogger Beta." I'm hoping this is some sort of Google API issue and that WriteToMyBlog will resolve it shortly
I'll keep you posted on other things that I notice, but the fact that I have to use the Blogger editor to publish posts and that the "new" version still doesn't have Technorati tagging support is probably the most annoying.

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writetomyblog said...

Sorry WriteToMyBlog was not working with Blogger for a day while their upgrade took place. My apologies and it's working fine now. Will also soon be adding choice for support of 'Double returns' issue with the new Blogger version.
Mark - WriteToMyBlog
(found this post doing Google search)