Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is this the blogger Meyers-Briggs?

Nimmy over at Ah...ha! has a post that proposes 4 categories for bloggers:

  1. Creators

  2. Critics

  3. Collectors

  4. Couch Potatoes

Maybe someone will take this a step further and actually come up with a Meyers-Briggs-type test that all of the first 3 categories of bloggers above (read Nimmy's post to find out why the 4th category would only be a couch potato) could take to classify themselves.  Once the test was done, we could all then post our results on our blog somewhere and then someone would come up with a blog directory based on your classification.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that I fall into all 3 categories, though if this post is any indication, I probably scale towards being a collector.


1 comment:

Nimmy said...

Interesting! So, if I like the creator-bloggers, I just get into that index and subscribe to them! And maybe I can have RSS feeds separated out based on the type of Blogger....whatever! :)