Saturday, February 10, 2007

What's in my bag? (pictures of Oakley's new Computer Bag 2.0)

First off I have to say that I think I may have found the most impressive computer bag that I have ever used and that the bag, although it looks small on the outside, holds all of the stuff detailed below along with having a pocket big enough for a 15" MacBook Pro, which, those of you that have MacBook Pros, know is no small feat.  In most cases I would go and link to a picture on the manufacturer's site instead of taking a picture of the bag myself, but I guess the bag is so new that the manufacturer doesn't have any pictures of it yet, so I am including my own pictures below.



When fully loaded, the bag contains all of the following items:

  • 15" MacBook Pro

  • Apple MagSafe charger

  • AirPort Express (I use the AirPort to charge all of my USB devices, including my iPod)

  • iPod Video with headphones

  • Nokia 770

  • Cannon Elph SD400

  • 4GB thumb drive (I have one of those SanDisk ones where the USB part retracts, which, having bent USB connectors before, is pretty cool)

  • USB to mini-USB cable

  • iPod USB cable

  • Nokia 770 charging cable

  • Cannon battery charger (works for the SD400, but the SD500 has a different battery -- so lame)

  • Retractable CAT5 cable

  • CAT5 crossover adapter (I am surprised at how many times I've used this)

  • Retractable telephone cord (I don't know why I have this as I do not have a dial-up ISP, but let's just say I have it in case I ever need to send a fax)

  • Moleskine 6-pocket organizer (I use this to sort receipts and business cards)

  • Moleskine unlined notebook

  • 3 clear folders from the Container Store that have those elastic straps on them so stuff doesn't fall out (great to be able to see the contents through the clear plastic)

  • Pen

  • Mechanical pencil

  • Click eraser

  • Business cards

  • Quarters (you can always use quarters)

  • Dollar bills (always handy)

  • Eyeglass case (nice to not scratch your glasses when you put them in your bag to go through airport security)

  • Eyeglass polishing cloth (stores inside the case and useful for removing fingerprints)

When I am flying, I generally also have the following:

  • Bottle or 2 of water depending on the length of the flight

  • Book(s)

  • Magazine(s)

The amazing thing about the Oakley bag is that it looks so slim when it's completely loaded up -- everything except the MacBook Pro is in the bag in the pictures and it's hard to tell that there's that much stuff in it.

Oakley's Computer Bag 2.0 has a suggested retail of $150.00 and is available for sure at the Oakley Store in Cherry Creek Mall in Denver.

Trackback to this link and tell me what's in your bag. 

UPDATE: I found it on the Apple online store as well listed as "Oakley Computer Brief ." (if the link doesn't work, just go to the Apple Store and search "Oakley")

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