Monday, February 12, 2007

More thoughts on the Obama site

The more I thought about the Obama social networking site , the more it rang a bell for me with a Business 2.0 article that I read about Richard Rosenblatt's new company, Demand Media.  If it's not an implementation of Demand Media's offering, which it may not be, Obama's site certainly is exactly what Rosenblatt is betting on: creating the "micro-MySpace" on lots of different domains and giving small domains the ability to create their own brand with a "sprinkle" of Demand's applications.

I am now even more interested in seeing how Obama's experiment works out (and I'm guessing that Rosenblatt, directly involved or not, is paying even more attention).

Check out the graphic from Business 2.0's article:

Business 2.0 graphic

Link -- Demand Media 

Link -- Business 2.0 Article 

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