Monday, February 05, 2007

SpanningSync public beta reopens

After getting crushed when they opened their initial public beta, Spanning Sync has finally reopened their public beta.  What is Spanning Sync?  Well, if you're a Windows user, you can stop reading this now.

Spanning Sync is a piece of software that allows two-way (bidirectional) communication between your Google Calendar and iCal.  In basic terms that means that your Google Calendar and iCal will always display the same events with the same reminders, etc.  Although there are solutions out there that allow iCal to read Google Calendar events, this is the first functioning two-way product.

Imagine the ability to no be anywhere near your computer, log onto Google Calendar, view and update your calendar, and know that all of the information will be synchronized with your desktop calendar (and vice-versa).

What's also critically important with this software is that when you make a change to the calendar on your mobile phone/device and sync it back with iCal, that information will also sync with Google Calendar, ensuring that all of the ways that you access your calendar are in sync.

The simplest way to try the beta is to download it directly via the link below.  BE SURE TO READ THE README FILE -- there are documented instances of Spanning Sync deleting/corrupting Google Calendar and iCal data and the ReadMe tells you how to back everything up.


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