Monday, June 04, 2007

Beer for bags

b4b wheel

Crumpler Bags does one of the coolest promotions ever: you can go into their retail location in New York on June 9th and trade beer for one of their cool computer bags.

The tradition started 5 years ago in Australia and this is the second year in the US.

I love this kind of stuff and hope that no matter how big they get that Crumpler never stops doing it.

Note: be sure to visit the Crumpler link below to use the online decoder; you wouldn't want to show up with the wrong kind of beer or not enough to trade. 

June 9, 2007 is the date this year, so only 5 more days to get to the liquor store. 

Link -- Crunpler beer for bags 

Link -- Gizmodo post (where I grabbed the image) 

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laptop backpacks said...

Haha I remember hearing about that. Is that still occuring today? anybody? (: