Thursday, June 21, 2007

Empower your BlackBerry with HTML e-mail


One of the major gripes about BlackBerry devices is that they only support plain text e-mail, meaning that HTML-based e-mails come through looking pretty strange as all of the HTML code is displayed.  However, a company called Empower is developing a suite of BlackBerry add-ins, and one of them specifically addresses the rich e-mail problem.

The first portion of the suite available from Empower is the HTML e-mail viewer, which just launched as a public beta on June 17th.  I downloaded the Empower viewer on my BlackBerry and I have to say that I am very impressed.  To configure the Empower viewer, you simply hit the Applications button in your Message Inbox and set things like font, etc. (use a different font than your normal display font so that you know when you are seeing a message through the Empower viewer).  When you go into an individual e-mail, hitting the Application button allows you to toggle between plain text and HTML.

This program solves a major issue for me and if you're a BlackBerry user, you should definitely check it out.  My guess is that RIM will add in this functionality in the next BlackBerry OS, but it's sure nice to have right now.

Direct download OTA (e-mail this to yourself on your BlackBerry and just click the link) --

Link -- Empower main site

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Here is a quick 30 sec video of the same in action.

Hope you find it interesting.