Sunday, March 19, 2006

If I were Great Clips . . .

 . . . I would post pictures of popular hairstyles on my website.  There are lots of publicly available pictures of celebrity haircuts and I just looked up the Flickr tag “haircut” and there are 11,000+ pictures, which means someone might have to do a little work to weed through and link to some of the pictures that are trendy.  The unfortunate side to this strategy is that it’s really easy to duplicate, but Great Clips could issue digital cameras to every store and take pictures of real customers and pretty soon not be dependent on free sources.

Those books with pictures of haircuts that are left out in the lobby just don’t cut it anymore — ask any woman and she’ll tell you that she brings in pictures of the hairstyle she wants.  Oh, and those posters don’t really work any more either:

Link — Great Clips

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